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Hard Floor Cleaning

Luas Cleaning Services Ltd. specialise in hard floor cleaning treatments for clients in Meath, Dublin and Kildare. Our team of professional cleaners are available for full floor polishes and hard floor deep cleans.

Our innovative hard floor cleaning techniques remove ingrained dirt and stubborn stains including rubber skid marks. We take great pride in revitalising even the most neglected surfaces and bringing back the floor's original pristine shine.

We offer our treatments to the following categories of floors:

  • Linoleum

  • Marble

  • Vinyl

  • Concrete

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Hard Floor Cleaning Dublin

Our hard floor cleaning Dublin team are dedicated to delivering the highest quality floor treatments to commercial clients, schools, offices and warehouses.

Rather than simply buffing your floors, we strip floors back to their original first coat before sealing and polishing the floor to make your floors look brand new.

Polishing your floors once per year will not only prolong the life of your flooring but it will also help keep the environment germ free.

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